‘Dj Set Series: Rudy Nicoletti Techno’

Out of System Records is set to release “Dj Set Series: Rudy Nicoletti Techno” on October 17, a dj set of pure underground acid techno I played in south Italy one night last year and the first volume of a bunch of specialized dance compilations O.O.S. is meant to release during the years. You can buy... Continue Reading →

‘Dark Techno’

'Dark Techno' is a compilation which Out of System Records is going to release next months I contribute a couple of tracks along with more artists and Djs.

Dj Voice Attack 2013 n.7

Out now, a new volume of 'DJ Voice Attack', with artists and tracks like:: Translator 'My Satellite' Star Simulator "Hello, Master' Runner 'Beat the Bass' Mobility 'Oh My Hey' Shibuya 'Understand The Real Thing'  All the songs are written and produced by Rudy Nicoletti & Graziano Pegoraro.  

Dj voice Attack 2013 N.2

DJ Voice Attack  n.2 2013 (Label: No Colors) features 3 more productions by Graziano Pegoraro and me: Cellophone 'C'mon', City Cars 'Beat Moving', Club Brakers 'The Bass Drive'.

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