'Expressive' will accompany Rudy Nicoletti new album 'Impressive', featuring dub and instrumental versions for each song. Both albums are out April 15th 2016. The album track listing is as follows: Breakaway (Dub) Wonder (Dub) Away (Instrumental) Sound of Love (Dub) We're One (Dub) You and Me Together (Instrumental) Killing Me (Dub) Never Again (Instrumental)  


  Rudy Nicoletti will release his brand new studio album, 'Impressive', on April 15th. Produced and mixed by Rudy himself, the album features 8 new compositions including the singles 'Breakaway’ and 'You and me Together’, which anticipated the album itself last year. The album track listing is as follows: Breakaway Wonder Away Sound of Love We're One You and... Continue Reading →


'Filler', hailed as a techno house euphoria, is the name of Rudy Nicoletti's first studio album. It features 8 tracks: Deeper Side of House In the Music Get on Fire Lighted up Every Time i See You Plain Keep me High Rythmic 'Filler' is out November 13 2014.

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