On ‘Tango!’

There is reason why I committed myself to work on ‘Tango!’ by The FilmMakers.
As a child, I spent much time in south Italy, where latin sounds got deeply involved with my personal tastes and persona, so when I met the Spanish group The FilmMakers at the sea in Italy last year, and they asked me if I wanted to work with them, I did accept their challenge. They knew of my job as electronic music producer and felt confident that I could give a new direction to their original project of rewriting score music.



We made a lot of research over composers of tracks we singled out, as to their writing technique and music. My bid was really to revise their sheets in a contemporary radio friendly way, cutting out parts I felt they would not work, highlighting segments in the arrangements that would  instead function as loops altogether, and so on. Once meeting in Madrid we went for a more polish and refined sound that could cut through in a more catchy style. Day after day, the more we listened to the tracks, the more we enjoyed the final result, the tracks chosen and the emotional impact we achieved.

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